Mar 2, 2013

Wilted Kale and Bacon Salad

I love to make big brunches on Saturday morning. This morning we enjoyed cinnamon rolls, farm-fresh eggs, strawberries, and this delicious salad from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition. Everything turned out great and my husband said the salad tasted pretty good for something green :-). I found the salad tasted good mixed in with my over-easy runny eggs.

Speaking of Whole Lifestyle Nutrition, I am excited to share that I have been accepted as a monthly contributor! I'm thrilled to be a part of the WLN team and to learn and grow through this experience. I'll let you know when my first post is published in a few weeks here.

Kale is a very popular vegetable right now and is being consumed in a myriad of ways, from green smoothies, to steamed side dishes. This is overall a good thing, as kale is quite nutritious. What you might not know is that kale is one of the vegetables that is more nutritious when cooked. Yes, not every veggie out there is healthiest raw. Nourishing Traditions talks about this and it didn't come as a surprise to me as traditionally these tough dark greens were not eaten raw. For example, in West Africa all of the dark leafy greens are eaten cooked.

I personally don't digest raw kale too well (right away I feel fine, but after a few hours my digestive system starts protesting), so there's not much of a temptation for me to eat it raw. So I jumped at this recipe when I saw that it was wilted. 

This salad (obviously) calls for bacon, a very misunderstood yet still beloved meat. Bacon is not bad for you (especially naturally cured bacon from free range pigs), it's what's added to it that is. Always choose naturally cured bacon that is free of nitrates, if at all possible.

The only thing I changed from Halle's recipe is that I doubled the bacon... because I could. :-D.

What's your favorite wilted or cooked kale recipe? I would love some more ideas as kale is in season and we've been getting it in our local farm box orders.

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