Feb 21, 2013

Real Food Around The World

Traditional food advocates love talking about the nourishing foods of traditional cultures around the world. But what do you actually know about any of these foods? Chances are you've heard that the Polynesians consume coconut oil, and "tribal peoples" eat organ meats. But there is so much more to learn!

Join me as I explore real food around the world!

Liberian children selling snacks: raw peanuts in the shell and farm fresh cucumbers.
 A little different than the average American snack, huh?
We'll look at foods native to particular regions, like rich red palm oil in West Africa, ethnic recipes, like Thai coconut curry and Middle Eastern Mujadarrah, and traditional food preparation styles, like fufu in Liberia.

Since I grew up in West Africa and lived in Liberia several years as an adult, my focus is going to be Africa. But I plan to do justice to the delicious recipes and wealth of information from other regions of the world as well.


Ivorian Aloco - Fried Plantain in Palm Oil
Brown Rice and Rice Preparation in Liberia
Liberian Groundpea Soup and Rice
Liberian Greens and Rice

South Asia:
Any Day Coconut Curry

Other regions and more posts continuously in the works!

What have you learned about real food around the world? What would you like to know more about? 
Leave me a comment; I can always use more ideas!


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